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Tribute to Danish executive chef - Karina Dauggard
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 It is my pleasure to send out this email as a tribute to our Danish Chef, Karina Daugaard. Karina has been a member of our Society for the past couple of years and has added a bit of colour and exceedingly good 'taste' to our events. Karina has, in the past year, catered to a couple of Danish events which were praised high and low by all participants. As a plus, her delightful children participated in our first ever collaboration with IKEA by singing in the Lucia procession. Most recently, Karina catered a Danish Smørrebrød dinner at the Owl's club in Dartmouth and, from all accounts, the event was a huge success.

Following here, is yet another tribute to Karina written by Bob Ruohoniemi and I know we all agree with his kind comments.
Lis Petersen-Banfield
The Scandinavian Society of Nova Scotia


Early this year, in consultation with fellow Scandinavian Society member Birgit, Chef Karina Daugaard thought it would be fun to arrange an evening with Denmark’s most famous culinary experience – “Smørrebrød” (known in English as open faced sandwiches). Karina wanted to offer Canadians an opportunity to experience this Danish specialty, so she soon started planning the event out, from the traditional menu and writing long lists of things and food to buy. She arranged to host the event at the Dartmouth Owl’s Club.

Somehow this event had to be advertised to the public through Facebook, word of mouth and email to members of the Scandinavian Society as it was hoped that a number of people would be interested. Birgit, Chef Karina thought that if 40 to 50 people would respond, it would be worth carrying it through, but instead all 75 seats were filled within 2-3 weeks.

Karina’s father, Ove, and aunt Ruth, were visiting from Denmark during this time, and on the big day, they both became part of the crew, as well as Karina’s husband, Robert; Adrienne (Adie); Alyre and Birgit. The team started work at 10am that Sunday morning to set up tables and chairs and decorate the tables for 75 people. The decorations were in Danish style with candles and flowers on each table, tiny LED lights running down the tables and Danish flags. Alyre started cutting the delicious rye breads (lots) baked by Helle Betts and the tasty beef for the smørrebrød. Karina had prepared all the food ahead of time and the crew, just had to make it all ready for presentation as per instructions by the Chef. Finding room for all the serving plates, bowls and food was quite a challenge, as the kitchen was small for that kind of food presentation. The first course was ready when people arrived and while that was being enjoyed, the kitchen staff was busy preparing the next dish and so on for the whole evening. At 10PM the crew could close the door and go home.

The SSNS members and friends arrived to find a fully decorated dining room and the first course of appetizers ready for them. Through the evening, everyone enjoyed course after course of beautifully plated Smørrebrøds. The items included tasty seafood, meat, and vegetables. The host, Chef Karina, explained what had been prepared for each course as they were presented. There were many items that some had never tasted before, but all seemed to enjoy them, especially with the wonderful sauces that were a part of the sandwiches.

Having thoroughly enjoyed this evening of fine dining with many new and old friends, the comments were all favourable and expressed over and over again to Chef Karina. She was pleased with the response and expressed her appreciation to the hard-working volunteer staff that had contributed so much to this event.

Many expressed their appreciation to Karina and offered many compliments to her. They wished her good luck and happiness in her catering life.
by: Lis Banfield topic: Public Posted: 5-Apr-19 Fri